Customer Car Showcase - 1970 Ford Ranger XLT Wheel Covers

  • I just wanted to write something to express my gratitude to for the amazing job they did restoring hub caps for my 1970 Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck! I couldn’t believe it when I received them; they looked brand new despite being 42 years old! This type of quality work is hard to find, especially when fixing up an older vehicle. The service that this company provided was above and beyond what I expected; they were professional and courteous and very knowledgeable about their products. I would recommend to anyone looking for new wheel covers, you will be pleasantly surprised every time! -Grady Cole

'70 Ford Ranger XLT

The '70 Ford Ranger XLT pick up truck pictured above is special and an original resident of Forsyth County in North Carolina. It is only on its second owner with 44,000 original miles to its name. This beautiful pickup truck has all original paint and interior materials and now, a fully restored set of wheel covers to match!

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