Customer Car Showcase - 1971 Ford Falcon 500 Wheel Covers

  • Here in Australia, the factory original wheel covers for my 1971 Ford Falcon 500 are very hard to come by, which is why I was very happy to find! Everyone that I dealt with was unbelievably helpful (specifically Lorenzo) and very easy to work with over the long distance. The condition of the Falcon hub caps were amazing, considering the car itself is 42 years old and they fit perfectly on my classic car with no effort at all. I definitely would recommend this company to anybody, especially those out there refurbishing an older car because when it comes to service and quality, you can’t beat! -Sam H.

'71 Ford Falcon 500

The beautiful green machine above is not just any '71 Ford Falcon, it is a rare base model that came out with a 351 Cleveland Engine (known as a K Code in Australia). The Ford Falcon GTHO PhaseIII, which was the fastest four door sedan in the world at the time, was based on the Ford Falcon above and after some modifications to the engine, it reached speeds of 141.5 MPH. With all that history behind it, we are glad that we could restore a set of hubcaps worthy of it. Please take a moment to watch the video devoted to our happy customer’s 1971 Ford Falcon 500.

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