Customer Car Showcase - 1971 Ford Thunderbird Wheel Covers

  • I have ordered hubcaps for my 1971 Ford Thunderbird from twice (the first set was stolen, they were that beautiful) and each time has been a dream. I cannot say how eager to please and professional the employees of this company are! The wheel covers I purchased were restored to amazing condition and really provided the final and crucial touch in my Tbird’s restoration. If I can recommend them to others, I absolutely will! They may still hear from me yet about more hub caps should they disappear for the third time. Thank you again to for the exceptional work! - Panayiotis Ellinas

'71 Ford Thunderbird

The 71’ Ford Thunderbird pictured above is a real beauty. She has an 8-cylinder 29 cubic motor that was rebuilt and only with 3,000 new miles. She also had her upholstery designed by a California Specialist and her steering wheel restored in Pennsylvania! With all the tender loving care applied to this vehicle, (especially it’s fully restored wheel covers) we’re sure that it will sell quickly to a good home!

*Special Note* This car is currently for sale by its owner for $11,111 and once purchased, can be shipped anywhere within the Continental United States.
Contact Info: (520) 234-0846 or

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