Customer Car Showcase - 1972 Ford F100 Truck Wheel Covers

  • I own a 1972 Ford F100 ‘Highboy’ truck and this year I purchased a set of fully restored wheel covers from This truck is all original except for the wheels and the tires, which is why I was very excited with the quality of the hub caps that I received. Aside from that, the service that I experienced with this company is above and beyond the call of duty! They were a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend them to anybody who has a classic truck or car that they need a hub cap for. Thanks again for the quality and the great service, its appreciated! -Mark T.

'72 Ford F 100 Truck

The 72’ Ford F100 ‘Highboy’ truck we above that we outfitted with a set of factory original, fully restored hubcaps is 100% memorable! With its bright color, four-wheel drive and 360 V8 engine, this is a vehicle that we are proud to have added our own little touch to! Don’t miss out on the video above for more pictures of this gorgeous beast of a truck!

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