Customer Car Showcase - 1964 Lincoln Continental Wheel Covers

  • My experience with couldn’t have been better! I ordered two wheel covers for my 64’ Lincoln Continental, drove to pick them up once they were ready and had them installed for me for FREE! I can’t say how happy I am to receive the kind of detailed customer service I did, not to mention how fantastic the hubcaps for my classic Lincoln turned out. They look brand new! It’s a great feeling to have factory original, pristine hubcaps on my all-original car! I highly recommend this company to my friends and family or anyone else who has a vintage car that they want to add a little something special to! -Herman Garcia

'64 Lincoln Continental

Our customer Herman works with the US Forest Service but his real pride and joy is the gorgeous 64’ Lincoln Continental above. Not only is this automobile in almost all-original condition but it values at around $15,000! With it’s sleek black paint job and suicide doors, we can see why this car is admired by all who see it, including several members of our staff when it visited our location in Chino, California!

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