Customer Car Showcase - 1978 Lincoln Mark V Wheel Covers

  • During the summer, I purchased a set of center caps for my 1978 Lincoln Mark V and I wanted to thank for the quality of their center caps. The shape of these parts, especially when you know that they are used, is fantastic! And that’s after being shipped to my home in France all the way from Southern California in the United States. I’ve been in the process of giving my ‘boat’ the little bit of TLC that it needs and this company helped me to do that in a professional and knowledgeable manner. I don’t have any complaints other then the time it takes to get wheel covers from across the world but this company is the best around if you need factory original wheel covers for your classic car. Thanks again for the excellent work!! -Ronan L

'78 Lincoln Mark V

Recently, we refurbished some center caps for the ’78 Lincoln Mark V pictured above and we were proud to do so! The vehicle above only has 75k original miles on it and is used by its owner as a day-to-day car to drive around its home in France. A quick fun fact about this particular model is that it is close to 20 feet long!

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