Customer Car Showcase - 1950 Mercury Sedan Wheel Covers

  • Just this last December, I bought a set of Oldsmobile classic hub caps to use on my 1950 Mercury 2 door Sedan Mild Custom and I have to say, I can’t be happier! Besides helping me figure out the dimensions of the wheel covers and whether or not they were a viable option, the team at was incredibly easy to work with. It’s never easy making a purchase of this kind from a store halfway across the world (I’m in Austria) but I have to say that this company did a fantastic job at assisting me. The fit, quality and look of the hubcaps is amazing and it really was the last thing that my Mercury needed. If you are restoring a classic car, I definitely recommend the people over at any day of the week! -Lukas W.

'50 Mercury Sedan

The ’50 Mercury pictured above definitely draws the eye with its flames, its sleek exterior and its brand new wheel covers from! Aside from making its home in Austria, another fun fact about this vehicle is that it has been fitted with classic hub caps from a completely different make! Whomever chose these wheel covers for this car knew what they were doing, the result is perfect!

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