Customer Car Showcase - 1964 Plymouth Barracuda Wheel Covers

  • I am very happy to recommend this company,, to all of my fellow car buffs! It's tough to find a company that does such great work and that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for it! Not only were the hub caps reasonably priced but the work that they did on them was exactly what I was looking for. I am slowly fixing up my 1964 Plymouth Barracuda to show level, and aside from recently giving it new paint and a new interior, and fixing up the engine and engine bay, I now am detailing it more with new wheel covers! I purchased this car last winter, which was very hard to find in decent shape but now after all this work, the cuda receives as many comments as my Ferrari! I have you to thank for the fantastic work and the great service I received while placing my order. Thanks again, you have my business in the future as well! - Tim M. aka 'Timmer'

'64 Plymouth Barracuda

Currently the owner of this beautiful Barracuda is busy looking for little parts here and there in order to bring this vehicle back to show ready condition. The gorgeous 1964 Plymouth Barracuda above is now the proud owner of a set of fully restored wheel covers and we are glad we could contribute!

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