Chrysler Van and Town & Country Hubcaps

December 6th, 2010

The Town & Country and the Town & Country Hubcaps are the ones that appeal to customers the most because of the way it looks inside and out .. it even appeals to me!

The earlier models had pretty good-looking wood-grain decals, leather seats, the standard V6 engine. The models that are on the road now have the navigation system & the power-operated lift gate. I mean, how much better can it get?  The Town & Country – as well as the Dodge Caravan – are the first cars to offer the “Stop n’ Go” option. This is a seating system that can provide fold-flat capability for both the second and third row seats. They were even the first vans that had driver-side sliding doors. It also had a number of options for the Town & Country Hub Caps – compared to other vehicles.  The present Town & Country was introduced in 2008 and had the “Stopn’ Go” option standard for the 2009 model. So if you were thinking that the Town & Country was your typical van, think again.

Never judge a book by its cover,