The Cop Cars .. & the Crown Victoria Hubcaps

February 10th, 2011

I always get nervous when I see these cars on the street or on the freeway. Sometimes I do speed when I’m in a rush and when I see these cars with the OE
Crown Victoria Hubcaps on them, I start to slow down. I never know whether it’s an undercover cop or just a another person speeding just like me.

This Ford Model & the Crown Victoria Wheel Covers that went on it was a style that never really left anyone’s eye. I mean, even cops use this car! Even though all manufacturing stopped in 2007, they still produce this car for police departments ..which means Ford still gets as much money as they did.

In 2007, the Ford Crown Victoria was designed as a full-size, 6-passenger seat sedan that was available in base & LX trim .. with Factory Original Crown Victoria Hubcaps if you bought the steel wheels instead of the aluminum ones.

If they still made it for people like you and me, would you consider buying it?

Just a thought,