15" Toyota Corolla #61133 Hubcap Options

Please Read:
  • Before ordering, please pay close attention to the Toyota Hubcap Options we offer below!
  • Listed at far left, is a factory original Toyota hubcap in like new condition.
  • At center, is a factory original Toyota hubcap with ONE MISSING CLIP.
  • Listed at far right, is a REPLICA with NO Toyota Logo as a more affordable option.
  • We strongly suggest the replica option that was made with much stronger clips!
  • Please watch our informatinal video below for more details!
Factory Original
With Toyota Logo
15" Corolla '05-08
$85 each
Call for Availability
(800) 826-5880
Factory Original
With ONE Missing Clip
15" Corolla '05-08
$45 each
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Replica Suggestion
No Toyota Logo
15" Silver REPLICA
$40 each or 4 for $100
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Warning: Watch Video Before Purchase

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