Family Business!

Family Owned & Operated

Life is about family and passion. And if you can find a way to blend both together, you have the makings of something amazing. Our Boss, Rick Mefferd, has been in this business for over 35 years and his two children are no strangers to hubcaps and 'child slave labor' themselves! is truly a family business, run on camaraderie and hard work from all its members. This unique mixture of work and play has been part of the atmosphere of this company for all of its days, starting with Ricky and Jess going with their Dad to salvage and wrecking yards at very young ages. Between buy trips and loading and un-loading trucks full of wheel covers and center caps, these two have been in the trenches with their Dad doing this type of work for as long as they can remember.

This company was built on unity, making it happen together and today that closeness is still a part of our team.

In short, if you want to love what you do, love whom you do it with!

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Family Owned & Operated - Family Owned & Operated - Family Owned & Operated -