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2013 New Orleans, Louisiana Buy Trip

When & Where

Although we were very happy for this buying experience and for the amazing hubcaps that we purchased, this trip was also bittersweet. Our owner Rick Mefferd and our restoration manager Fabio visited and bought most of the inventory from the "King of Hubcaps" in New Orleans Louisiana, a business that had been decimated by Hurricane Katrina. Our boys worked in a condemned building, with no lights or electricity, in musty air that still smelled slightly of salt from the floodwaters. After leaving New Orleans with 10,000 mostly antique wheelcovers, they then drove through Louisiana to Texarkana and stopped at several wrecking yards along the way, to pick up another 10,000 hubcaps. At the end of this trip, the 20,000 plus items that they had collected were sent back by train to our location in Chino, CA.

What We Purchased

The 20,000 wheelcovers that we picked up were a great blend of old and new, including several items that we haven’t had before! This was a great load of hubcaps and we wanted to thank the "King of Hubcaps" especially for giving us the chance to accumulate such a valuable collection.

Check Out These Buy Trip Pictures!

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