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2012 Oregon Buy Trip

When & Where

Rather than several locations this time, our owner Rick Mefferd and our restoration manager Fabio only visited one special place in beautiful Oregon! Alan, hubcap business owner for two decades, had thousands and thousands of hubcaps on his property near Albany that our guys went through over the course of one week! This trip was interesting because this amazing collection of wheel covers was stored in a bunch of barns on Alan’s private property after he closed the doors to his business. This setting combined with some beautiful scenery made for a really awesome trip! Once all of these items were loaded, our boss hired a shipping company to drive a huge, packed truck back to our location in Chino California. We’re grateful to have had the chance to see such an extensive collection and to visit a place as interesting as Alan’s home in the Salem / Eugene / Albany area of Oregon. Thanks again!

What We Purchased

Don’t forget to check out the pictures below and of course, the amazing time lapse video that was taken on this trip! This trip yielded a few thousand hubcaps that were loaded up over the course of a week. With the help of a local kid, this load of old and new center caps and wheel covers were put on to a truck and shipped back to us in Southern California. Remember, these buy trips are not only fun to read about but they are also our way of keeping our inventory diverse and keeping enough in stock to suit everyone’s needs!

Check Out These Buy Trip Pictures!

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