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2014 Texas Buy Trip

When & Where

On a recent buying adventure, Rick Mefferd and our manager Lorenzo went all over Texas to 40 plus wrecking and salvage yards! They started by flying into Houston and from there they drove to San Antonio, then Austin, through Dallas and ended up in Texarkana with a total of over 40,000 hubcaps and Center caps! In Texarkana, the weather was freezing and at one point, Rick and Lorenzo were working in a ‘lake’ of ice cold water about three inches deep from a sudden downpour of rain! Once they had sorted through a huge amount of wheel covers and center caps at all these yards, the massive load that they acquired had to be shipped back by train to our warehouse in Chino California. Rick and Lorenzo got some great stuff from Texas, not to mention some of the best BBQ ever!

What We Purchased

In a load of 40,000 + hubcaps that had to be sent back by train, there was a pretty even mixture of old and newer model items. As you can see from the pictures, the yard of our 30,000 square foot facility was filled to the brim after this trip! Thanks again to all of those wrecking and salvage yards in the Great State of Texas, you were awesome!

Check Out These Buy Trip Pictures!

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