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2014 Utah Buy Trip

When & Where

Welcome to this page about our Utah buy trip! Wrecking yards, tire shops, salvage businesses… our owner Rick and restoration manager Fabio visited them all when they went to Salt Lake City Utah! Like most of these trips, it involved a lot of time on the road, checking businesses off a map and of course, sorting through lots and lots of wheel covers! This trip wasn’t restricted to just Utah however, our guys made a detour through Las Vegas, bought some hub caps and had some of the best sushi they’ve ever eaten in the process! Once these items were loaded onto the truck, they drove home to Chino in Southern California with over 7,000 hand picked hubcaps! Thank you very much to all the little businesses and shops that we bought from on this trip, we appreciate it!

What We Purchased

Rick and Fabio came home to Southern California with over 7,000 hubcaps and center caps that they handpicked based on our needs and our inventory. We got a great bunch that included both older and newer items for a lot of different makes and models.

Check Out These Buy Trip Pictures!

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