Feel Like The Matrix In Your Matrix?

I mean, if you’ve seen the movie, you might feel like the Matrix person when you swift in and out of lanes with your Toyota Matrix Hubcaps and stuff .. but I think that’s about it.

The Matrix is primarily a tall yet compact wagon that’s offered by Toyota. It has its own sporty style mixed with some stylish Toyota Matrix Hubcaps & that “cool” factor that most drivers look for when they go car shopping. If you look at the commercials, you’ll notice that the car is targeted mostly to younger drivers; but in reality, anyone of any age can find the car suitable for them and fun to drive.

There are two generations of the Matrix - the most recent one was released in 2009. Even though they were released in two different years, they go by the same blueprint. The Matrix is essentially based on the Corolla sedan and has enough space inside it to carry different items that measure up to 8 feet long! You can probably fit Shaq in there! .. totally kidding. With this and it’s durable plastic load floor, the Matrix will present drivers the opportunity to carry a whole mess of different stuff - from different items for household improvement to different sporting goods like kayaks and beach bikes!

The main disadvantage for both generation of the Matrix & Toyota Matrix Hub caps is that they’re not really all that great to drive .. and that they have a pretty rare XRS variant. But if you’re like me - practical-minded - you’ll like the car because it gives you good gas mileage. Not only does it give you good mileage, it offers you a smooth ride, a pretty roomy cabin for you and your passengers, and it even gives you the all-wheel-drive; did I mention it was from Toyota? Toyota is probably one of the most reliable manufacturers out there!

Whether you want the car new or used, you’re going to be satisfied with what you drive.

The current Matrix that’s available for sale is offered in two trim levels: the Base model and the S model. The base models will offer you a decent amount of practical features. The S model is going to offer you a lot more - obviously. When you get it to the road, you’ll notice that the car will feel a bit “pokey” when it comes to acceleration .. even though it gives you amazing fuel economy. That extra torque that comes from the 2.4-liter engine is what makes your driving experience a more relaxed one. When you take the car around the corners, you can tell that the Matrix is balanced and predictable.

Even if you take all of these things into consideration, the car isn’t one of the best cars to pilot. The main reason why is because of its low-feedback steering. When you look at all of the advantages and positive sides of the car, the main control layout of the car is almost perfect and the backseat of the car is comfortable for both kids and big kids (adults).

The first generation Matrix and second generation Matrix are not that much different in body style and appearance, but it is different when it comes to the engine, torque, and all of that good stuff. They’re both good on gas, they’re both good for drivers that go everywhere, and they’re both good for people that are mainly looking for that compact - wagon style.



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