Ford Trucks & Truck Hub Caps

I think that when it comes to the Winter Season, most people are driving trucks instead of compact cars - especially the Ford Trucks with the OE Ford Truck Wheel Covers on them. Specifically, I think that the F Series trucks from Ford are the trucks that I see most often on the road - even here in California where there’s no snow.

The full size truck has been sold for over six decades; a long time right? For 24 years, it was the best selling car in the United States and the best selling truck for 34 years! There’s some statistics that say that the F-Series alone makes up half of the Ford Motor Company's profits in recent years .. which means that they probably sell a lot of trucks.

I think that the first generation’s are probably my favorites. They were made from 1948-1952 and have awesome Factory Ford Truck Wheel Covers on them. It was first known as the Ford Bonus-Built and it was made to replace Ford’s previous car pick up line. At that time, it was built to look “modern” with a flat, one-piece windshield and integrated headlights. The options that were available to consumers were the "See-Clear" windshield washer that was operated by foot plunger, passenger side windshield wiper & sun visor, and passenger side taillight. It’s funny to see how all of these things that were options just come standard now.

From all of the four years it was made, it didn’t change that much. From 1948 to about 1950, the grill was just a “thing” of horizontal bars and the headlights that were on it were just set into the fenders. For the last two years of the first generation, the headlights were actually connected by some sort of wide aerodynamic cross piece with three similarly aerodynamic supports. The rear window was built to be wider in the later models .. and the Ford Truck Hubcaps were designed to be nicer than the previous ones.

If we skip all the way to 2009, we skip all the way to the 12th generation - which is a pretty nice one. It doesn’t have the Original Ford Truck Wheel Covers on it .. but it should. I think it’d give it a better look: classic, but modern.

The 2009 F150 had some amazing features like front-seat side impact airbags and Ford's Safety Canopy System for the first and second rows as Head protection in the event of a side impact. This mode even had Ford's exclusive ADVANCETRAC RSC; it stands for Roll Stability Control and it was some type of electronic stability control and anti-rollover safety feature that was also available in some other Ford models.

In the beginning of 2009, the manual transmissions were no longer available on the F150. They were available on the F2250 & F350 Super Duty Pick Ups. It was recorded that 2009 was the last year when Flareside Box was available, and that 17" Ford Wheels for the FX4 Off-Road were available.

When the 2011 model is released, there’s going to be an all-new engine available. Two of the engines that are made are going to be based on the Mustang engines; so guess how powerful that truck is going to be .. S U P E R powerful.

I really have no idea about you, but as long as the wheels look as classic as the Ford Wheel Covers did back then, then I’m sold.