Free Information on keeping your Hubcaps, Wheel Covers & Center Caps on!

If you've ever lost a hubcap to the road WAY too soon, then the list of common reasons below might be a good read for you! There are many things that can shorten the life of your wheel covers, from improper installation to faulty clips. We hope you find the information below helpful and please, if you have any further questions that we have not covered, call us for help Toll Free at (800) 826-5880. Remember you can also find your hubcaps at the Hubcaps link above.

  1. The #1 reason for lost hubcaps is being improperly installed!
  2. After having work done on your car or truck, visually check to see if your hubcaps, wheel covers or center caps have been evenly placed on the entire wheel. If the hubcaps or center caps are not placed on evenly, there is a good chance you and your hubcaps will soon part ways. All you need is 50 mph and a small bump in the road and say good bye to your hubcaps or center caps!
    Most hubcaps and center caps today are made from a strong ABS plastic that provide a lighter weight, better looking style for your car or truck. Because of this, hubcaps and center caps must be carefully installed on the wheel, first resting the hubcaps or wheel covers in place, then gently tapping on the edge of the hub cap or wheel covers with a SPECIAL HUBCAP TOOL. Never pound on the hub cap or wheel center cap as this will break the clips on the hubcaps or center caps. There is a specific place on the wheel where the hub cap clips are to fit! This is the proper care for your hubcaps.
    Use your SPECIAL HUBCAP TOOL to tap on the hubcaps to make sure that they are installed properly.

  3. The #2 reason for lost hub caps is the way the hub cap has been designed.
  4. Every hub cap manufacturer at some point produces hubcaps, wheel covers or center caps that are too lose or too tight. When a hubcap or hub caps are too lose we all know exactly what will happen, the hub caps or center caps fly off and become too damaged to use again. When a hub cap or hub caps are made too tight, even though is seems a good thing, is actually not, Hubcaps that are too tight causes the clips on the back side of the hub caps to crack or break off, allowing the hub cap or center cap to fall off. These hub caps or wheel covers may be made very well but just the fact of being too tight will cause you to replace this hub cap again and again (never ending). The true lasting solution for the hub cap problem is to switch to other specific hub caps or wheelcover that has been proven not to have the same problems. Please call us toll free and one of our hub cap specialists can guide you in the right direction.

  5. #3 Keep Hub Caps and Wheel Covers away from the curbs!
  6. This weakens the hubcaps and center caps where the clip joins at the base of the hub caps allowing it to fly away the first chance it gets, leaving you with worthless damaged hubcaps, center caps or wheel covers. Retrieving hubcaps on the roadside is at best a dangerous waste of time! Remember, your hub caps flew off for a reason and will fly off again.

  7. #4 Replacing lost Hubcaps and Wheel Covers
  8. Purchase your hubcaps, wheel covers or center caps from a supplier you trust, knowing they have inspected the condition of all the hubcaps and center cap clips they sell. The great deal you receive on your used hubcaps may not be so great after all.

  9. #5 Center caps - Hub Caps
  10. Consider placing on the hub caps clips a small amount of clear silicon (available at your local hardware store), allowing the hub caps to dry overnight. The next day, trim the excess that has oozed out from around the edges of the wheel center cap, hub cap or hub caps. Be sure to clean the wheels and clips on the hubcaps thoroughly first. This really works well, especially for those with hard to find center caps and hub caps.

  11. #6 Metal Hub Caps or Steel Hubcaps or Center Caps
  12. Most metal hubcaps are made of very strong stainless steel that can out live several cars. If the same wheel is throwing hubcaps or wheel covers off continually, check to see if grooves are worn on your wheel where the clips on the hubcaps attach to it. If so, you may need a new wheel not just a hub cap.

  13. #7 Determining Hubcap Size
  14. You can only determine your hubcap size by the numbers and letters on the side of your tire! You are looking for something similar to 205-75-R-15. The last 2 numbers are the Hubcap size. PLEASE DO NOT MEASURE THE HUBCAP TO GET THE SIZE.