Rely On The Saturn Relay?

If you were to just plainly ask me about the Saturn Relay and the Saturn Relay Hubcaps that go on it, I’d plainly tell you that I think the thing doesn’t even look like a minivan! It looks like an SUV that wastes a lot of gas! .. But I guess that’s the look that Saturn was going for. They wanted it to look like a rough and intimidating SUV instead of your typical plain-jane minivan.
I would say mission accomplished.

Even though it was marketed as a "crossover sport van," it still had that longish nose and the more aggressive styling with a roof rack to lend an SUV persona. What helped keep that true minivan feel were those sliding door and basic body structure.

The Saturn Relay was a complete family-friendly van that had a folding third-row seat and optional 40GB digital media system. This kind of media system has the option of both storing and playing thousands of MP3 music files or a few dozen movies (this sounds like my kind of car). The main things that were missing were the three-row side curtain airbags and a back-up camera .. which would have been super useful since the car is so big.

Even though the van had some pretty attractive features that seemed like it was going to lure in drivers like you and me, it wasn’t too popular. After just a few years that it was on the market, Saturn decided to pull the van in order to release the other crossover that they were working on: the Outlook. Since you can only buy the van as a used van with OE Saturn Hubcaps on it, it still gives you reliable family transportation. If you think that price is going to be some sort of a big issue, you’ll be happy to know that the van will cost less next to comparably equipped class leaders. If you’re the kind of person that doesn't really mind paying a little more for the same features, then you might go with one of the van’s competitors.

The car was only made from 2005-2007. When it comes to the mechanic aspects of the car, the Relay was associated with the Buick Terraza, Chevrolet Uplander and Pontiac Montana SV6. There were originally two trim levels: 2 & 3 - that’s all they were called and that’s it. The Saturn Relay “2” had different power accessories, air-conditioning, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system for the kids, antilock brakes to keep you safe, first- and second-row side airbags, a keyless entry and Saturn Relay Hubcaps to make it look nice. Saturn Relay “3” added air-conditioning for the back seats, a power driver seat, the fancy alloy wheels, and an upgraded interior space.
If you were going on a long trip, you had enough room to seat 7 people and put their stuff in the back .. well not ALL of their stuff, but there was enough room. There was a really nice two-tone color treatment that had the faux wood accents to dramatically brighten the cabin and give the car an upscale ambiance. There were also folding center trays that were placed between the first & second row seats.