Tires That You Use in Winter !

If you just moved to another state that happens to have a lot of snow, then you’re probably confused as to what winter tires and snow rims to use - it’s okay, I’d be the same way.

Mud and snow wheels (M+S) are tires that are manufactured to give the driver improved performance under really low temperature conditions. The tread compound is typically softer than the tread in regular summer tires; this means that there’s a better grip on either ice or snow - or both! The tires that are dedicated winter tires will have the "Mountain/Snowflake Pictograph" to let customers know that they’re specifically for winter.

In Europe, the requirements for snow rims vary by country. In countries like Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Sweden, you have to use snow tires since it’s illegal if you don’t. They have to use them usually between November & April because if not, they’d get pulled over by the police and be fined for it - which makes sense. When they don’t have snow tires on their vehicles, they put themselves in danger and other people in danger as well.

In the United Kingdom, it’s not really illegal to drive without winter tires, but people are really encouraged to do so by organizations like the AA and the adverse winter weather conditions of 2010. What’s funny is that the same drivers that were encouraged to use these tires were discouraged from using winter wheels by car insurance companies. After the insurance companies discovered how important it was for them to actually use snow rims , they changed their minds.

Ever since July 2008, the Czech Republic has been using Europe-wide road signs that are requiring people use snow tires in certain parts of the mountains. They had originally said that drivers had to use winter rims from November to April, but then it was changed from November to March .. but I think that they should still use the tires until April to be on the safe side.



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