Cladded Chrome Wheel VS. Chrome Wheel Skin

Please Read:
  • It is a common mistake to confuse a chrome wheel skin with a cladded chrome wheel.
  • Please note you CANNOT use a wheel skin on a cladded chrome wheel!
  • Check out our informational video below for more details!
  • If you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 826-5880 & we will assist you!

Sample Cladded Chrome Wheel

  • Chrome piece will have adhesive on the back.
  • The chrome layer on top is PART of the wheel & very difficult to remove.
  • If damaged, your only option is to replace the entire wheel.
  • The rest of the broken chrome piece will be DIFFICULT to remove!

Sample Chrome Wheel Skin

  • Chrome piece will have clips on the back side.
  • The chrome layer is a pop-on part that is not originally on your wheel.
  • If damaged, you can replace the wheel skin without replacing the wheel.
  • The rest of the broken chrome piece will come off EASILY!

Warning: Watch Video Before Purchase

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