Customer Car Showcase - 1959 Dodge Lancer Wheel Covers

  • I've taken my 1959 Dodge Lancer Custom Royal to plenty of car shows and met a lot of different people on the way but I have to say, the staff at is the best! Not only were they very helpful and honest about their hub caps but they also took a genuine interest in my car's history and the work that I have done to it. I have owned this vehicle for 7 years and have dealt with a lot of classic car shops and stores but I definitely want to deal this company again in the future if I ever have a need! Thanks again for the courtesy and the professionalism of! -Gary

'59 Dodge Lancer

This 59 Dodge Lancer Custom Royal is 1 out of 2 in California and 1 out of 10 cars like it in the United States! Aside from the awesome stereo system, this car is completely restored and in pristine condition. Its owner Gary has had it for 7 years and has been in several car shows during that time, including a stop at! We feel privileged to have seen this beautiful machine in person and we hope to see it again soon!

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