Customer Car Showcase - 1964 Ford Thunderbird Wheel Covers

  • I grew up in LA and I bought my 1964 Thunderbird in 2009, since then I have added new tires, a good amount of work under the hood and of course, new hubcaps. I work in Saudi Arabia as an English teacher and the people here love my classic car. As far as I know, I’m the only one with a 64 Ford T bird in the Kingdom and people take pictures of it every day! Since I am in the process of restoring this car to its original condition, the quality and condition of the wheel covers is very important to me. I am very happy with the hubcaps I was sent as well as with the service! I found several places that had these used but was the only company that had them in the pristine shape I needed. Thanks again, they have really made a big difference in my restoration project! -Louis D.

'64 Ford Thunderbird

This gorgeous 64’ Ford Tbird is in the process of being restored by its owner, an English teacher based in Mansak in Saudi Arabia. Of all the classic cars we have seen, this is one of the most interesting! From Los Angeles, to Port Hueneme, to Saudi Arabia, this Thunderbird has really seen the world, including a UNESCO World Heritage archaeology site as seen in the pictures above! Truly, it has been a pleasure supplying wheel covers to such a beautiful car!

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