Customer Car Showcase - 1964 Pontiac GTO Hubcaps

  • I just recently had the pleasure of having my 1964 Pontiac GTO’s original wheel covers restored by All I can say is how happy I am with the quality of the work and the quality of the service that I received from this company. They were very knowledgeable and professional and I have nothing but good things to say about them. My GTO now has beautiful Pontiac hub caps to go with the rest of her original parts and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you to all at, your hard work is truly appreciated! -John W.

'64 Pontiac GTO

The gorgeous ’64 Pontiac GTO above is a perfectly kept up, 90% original dream machine who now lives in Delaware with its new owner. This car has only had 3 other owners and only has 19,300 miles on it! An interesting part about this vehicle is that it spent 30 years in a warehouse and then a good 8 years in a private muscle car museum before it was sold to our customer John. Other than the paint and the headliner, this car is just as it was in 1964. We are very proud to have contributed our hard work to the restoration of this already beautiful classic car's GTO hubcaps.

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