How To Determine Your Finish

Not sure what finish your cap is? We are here to help! Sometimes finiding the finish of your cap can be rather difficult. Provided below are the most common finishes among factory original hubcaps and center caps. If you are still unsure of what finish you need, please contact us at (800) 826-5880 so we can assist you. A picture will often be requested, so please ensure that your hubcap or wheel is clean so we can properly determine your finish.

Identifying your finish

Silver Hubcap
A silver gray, painted finish with a very slight reflection.
Hyper Silver Center Cap
Hyper Silver
A "gun-metal" gray finish. This finish will have a dark, metallic undertone.
Machined Center Cap
Brushed Aluminum
This finish has small lines (cuts) into the metal, similar to a stainless steel fridge.

Polished Center Cap
This finish is similar to chrome, however, the refletion is "foggy" or "hazy".
Chrome Hubcap
A reflection can clearly be seen. This finish is simlar to a mirror.
Charcoal Center Cap
A dark gray finish. This finish can be confused as a black finish.