How to Spray Paint Hub Caps Black

Paint your hubcaps or wheel covers black with the following inexpensive items that already may be laying around the house & a few easy instructions!

Items Needed: Dish soap, fine 0000 steel wool, satin black spray paint, a mask & a terry cloth towel.



Carefully remove your hubcaps with special removal tool. Wash hubcap completely with dish soap and fine steel wool. If you have any scratches be sure to slightly sand the scratched areas only. Rinse & Dry.


If there is any peeling or bad edges on the wheel cover, fix at this time by sanding until smoothe. Go over the repaired hubcap with dry steel wool until desired finish. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth and dry completely.


Using Satin black spray paint, spray an even light coat first, followed by another coat after dry. You may spray as many coats as you like but follow the instructions on the spray can for a great finish. Do not use a clear coat! See Video Below!

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