Free Shipping of Hubcaps to California

About Us

Welcome to our page created just for our fellow Californians! This was created for those of you in the Golden State who are looking for new hub caps or center caps for your vehicle. Our company is an oasis for customers who are sick of calling around looking for the right item or who have actually dug through piles of wheelcovers themselves in their local wrecking yards. Let us do the work for you, we’re good at it! Besides being in business since 1979, we also promise that you will be nothing but satisfied with the excellent level of customer service and product quality that you receive from our company. If you aren’t, we’re happy to work with you as long as it takes to earn 100% of your satisfaction.

Product Quality

When you hear the word ‘used’, it probably brings back dirty, grimy memories of looking though salvage yards for a center cap that will fit your car or truck. With us, used means a clean, blemish-free, factory original hubcap that looks brand new and is far more reasonably priced then the dealership. With the high product quality that we provide to our customers, we promise that we will re-define what you consider used. From our older model wheel covers to our newer hubcaps, you will be amazed at the condition of what you receive, that we can guarantee.

Shipping Hubcaps to California

If you are looking for a hubcap shop or a hubcap store in California look no further! is located in Chino, CA and we have what you are looking for! Whether you are in Los Angeles or Chula Vista, our company can offer you a lot more then your local salvage yard. In addition to over 30 years in this business, we also are dedicated to making the ordering process simple and fast! Shipping to any city in California only takes 1 to 2 business days and its completely FREE! We’re happy to help you with whatever you need, it’s just what good neighbors do.

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Los Angeles 1 Day
San Jose 2 Days
San Francisco 2 Days
Fresno 2 Days
Sacramento 2 Days
Long Beach 1 Day
Oakland 2 days
Bakersfield 1 Day
Anaheim 1 Day
Riverside 1 Day
Stockton 2 Days