Buyer Beware: Before you buy Center Caps!

At first glance, the center caps shown at the bottom of this page appear exactly the same. However, it might surprise you to hear that NONE of these fit the same rim and that this is only two of many, many examples of this confusing problem! If you were to take a guess and purchase one of these center caps for your vehicle, you would be taking a huge risk that it will not fit, wasting your time and your money. To avoid this risk, you must remove a center cap to get the exact numbers on the back side of the cap. This is the information you MUST have to make the correct purchase, and it only takes a few seconds to get it right the first time around.



Carefully using a screw driver, remove one of your center caps. Thoroughly clean the back side of center cap with soap & water to completely expose the part numbers.


Write down every number you can find on the back side or your center cap and make sure to measure your center cap. Please give us a call with your center cap in hand so we can further assist you in ordering the correct center cap.

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Center Cap Examples

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