How to Change a Flat & Install A Spare Tire

Learning how to change a flat tire is VERY IMPORTANT! If you are interested in being self-sufficient and prepared, watch our informational "How To" Video to learn today!



The first thing you need to do if find a safe spot to pull over. Turn on your Hazard Lights!


Locate Spare Tire & Tools Provided in your vehicle. (More Information in your Owners Manual)


Use the wrench provided to slightly loosen the lug nuts.


Use the jack provided to lift the vehicle off the ground.


Use the Lug Wrench to completely Remove the lug nuts and pull the rim off the car.


Place the spare on the hub of the car and Put the Lug Nuts back on.


Lower the car back to the ground and Make sure the lug nuts are completely tightened!


Put your flat tire and tools back in your trunk.

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