Free Shipping of Hubcaps to Delaware

About Us

It doesn’t matter where you’ve looked before for your factory original hubcaps and center caps, we promise you’ll never want to go anywhere but from now on! Here at, we are very devoted to providing our customers with the very best of everything, from the customer service to our wheelcovers! We’re a real hub cap shop in Southern California with real live people on stand by to help you with whatever questions, comments or concerns you might have. That is something you won’t get by going to your local wrecking yard for the center cap you need! With over 30 years of experience helping people in your exact situation, you can trust that we know exactly what to do for you, all you have to do is give us a call today!

Product Quality

Imagine getting wheel covers that look new, arrive quickly and all at an affordable cost. Our company makes that scenario reality for thousands of customers a year and we’d like to help more of you if you’ll let us. Don’t go just anywhere to find the hub caps that you need, whether local or not, when you can have the entire exhausting search done with in less then a half hour. Whether you call our Toll Free number 800-826-5880 to order or use our information-rich website, you are in excellent hands! Our goal is to make sure that at the end of the day, you take home an item that isn’t dirty, isn’t broken and that is something you’re happy you spent your money on. If that sounds good to you, we’re ready when you are.

Shipping Hubcaps to Delaware

From Wilmington to Seaford, our hubcap store in California will deliver your purchase to your home or business in just 4 business days! You don’t have to drive to your local wrecking yard or even call more then our number, we make it super easy! On top of that, your order will ship to your door completely FREE of charge if you are within the Contiguous U.S. Don’t get any more dirt on your hands at your local salvage yard, let us handle the search from here!

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Delaware City 4 Days
Dover 4 Days
Harrington 4 Days
Lewes 4 Days
Middletown 4 Days
Milford 4 Days
New Castle 4 days
Newark 4 Days
Rehoboth Beach 4 Days
Seaford 4 Days
Wilmington 4 Days