Warning - Hub Cap Installation can cause Flat Tires

The most common cause of a flat tire is a puncture from an object such as a nail, screw or almost anything on the road that can penetrate your tires. When you have a flat, you can generally do a visual inspection, and easily locate the culprit that has caused your life to be temporarily on hold. It’s a hassle, right?

One rare and overlooked cause of flat tires, and not so easy to diagnose, is the improper installation of hub caps or wheel covers on your wheels. Taking the time to learn how to install your hubcaps correctly, may save you an unnecessary trip to a tire shop in a quest to figure out a preventable problem!

Please follow the easy steps below to prevent flat tires and view our short video..



Before popping your hub cap on the rim, pay close attention to see if there is a specific place on the wheel cover that the valve stem is to install through. If there is not, then you may choose any opening close to the side of the hubcap for the valve stem.


Wiggle the wheel cover into place, making sure that the valve stem WILL NOT be touching any portion of the hubcap after installation. Carefully tap your hub cap into place, making sure that it is on your rim evenly. If anything causes your rubber flexible valve stem to be bent, this can cause a leak and a possible flat tire.


After hubcap installation, even if it is by your local mechanic, check to see if your hubcap has been installed correctly. Your valve stem should be free from anything resting against it that is bending it over in the slightest way. If it is bent even slightly, you must remove the wheel cover and reinstall it as instructed above.

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