Free Shipping of Hubcaps to Illinois

About Us is a superior source for your factory original hubcap and center cap needs, especially for those of you in Illinois! Even though we are kind of far away from you all, we are still your best bet for finding the wheelcovers that you need for your car or truck. As the home of over 1 million hub caps, ranging from the late 1940’s to now, we can do much more for you then your local wrecking yard. Think about it: why should you spend time digging through dirty, greasy parts yourself when you can place a call to us and be done in a fraction of the time! And we’re not just any business, we have 30 years under our belts and a history of providing quality products and superior customer service to everyone we help. If you are interested and would like to learn more, read on!

Product Quality

Though the word ‘used’ can make a lot of people cringe, our hubcap shop will give you a whole new outlook! Besides being cleaned, refinished and as close to new as we can get them, they are also a lot more reasonably priced then the dealership. With your local Aurora junkyard, it might be next to impossible to find the hubcaps you need in decent condition, let alone the excellent quality we promise our customers! Whether you choose to order online or give us a call, we promise you will get all the help you need to make the right decision about your wheel covers. Your center caps will arrive at your home or office looking great and ready for the road, with a money back guarantee just to show that we mean business.

Shipping Hubcaps to Illinois

In as little as 4 business days, you can get your wheel covers shipped for FREE to any city in Illinois, whether its in Rockford or Springfield, Bolingbrook or Joliet! There is no reason to squander your precious time going from junkyard to salvage yard trying to track down something that will fit on your vehicle when with one call, you can get exactly what you need from us. We promise that you will not only be amazed with the speed at which we work but also the customer service and the quality of our products as well. Ditch the wrecking yard dirt and grime and give our hub cap store a call!

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Aurora 4 Days
Rockford 4 Days
Joliet 4 Days
Naperville 4 Days
Springfield 4 Days
Peoria 4 Days
Elgin 4 days
Waukegan 4 Days
Cicero 4 Days
Champaign 4 Days
Bloomington 4 Days