Free Shipping of Hubcaps to Minnesota

About Us

Welcome to our Minnesota page, thanks for stopping by! We wanted to show the customers out there who are fed up with the search for wheelcovers that there is a better way to get your car back into shape! With, not only are you guaranteed satisfaction with your order but you are also putting over 30 years of experience to work on your behalf! Our mission is to rescue those of you are having trouble finding the hub caps you need for your vehicle in your local salvage yard. There is no reason to devote hours and weekends to exploring piles of dirty car parts yourself you could order from us online or over the phone in less then a half hour. When you work with us, you will be amazed at the high level of customer service we provide, from our informative website to our professional team of experts ready to assist you with whatever you need. It can be very easy to find your center caps, all you have to do is give us a moment of your time!

Product Quality

Yes, our hubcaps are considered used but they are also in excellent condition and as close to brand new looking as we can produce. We don’t sell our customers grime coated, damaged wheel covers and expect them be content because they are better then nothing. Our company sets the bar for quality very high and we want to make sure that our customers are 100% happy with their purchase. Any center cap that you order from us will be clean, in great working condition and will look just as good (if not better) then what you still have on your truck or car. But don’t take our word for it, let us prove what our hub cap store can do!

Shipping Hubcaps to Minnesota

Although 2,000 miles is a long ways away, we’ve gotten orders there in just 4 business days before and we can do it again for you if you’re interested! You read right, in just 4 business days, your order will make it to your St. Cloud home or your Rochester business from our hubcap shop in Southern California with no trouble at all. The best part of all is that your hubcaps will ship completely FREE of charge, right to your front door. Leave the dirt at the wrecking yards and let us help you find what you’re looking for the easy way!

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Minneapolis 4 Days
Saint Paul 4 Days
Rochester 4 Days
Duluth 4 Days
Bloomington 4 Days
Brooklyn Park 4 Days
Eagan 4 Days
Woodbury 4 Days
Maple Grove 4 Days
Coon Rapids 4 Days