Free Shipping of Hubcaps to North Carolina

About Us

Between family, friends, work and play, tracking down the hubcaps or center caps that you need for your vehicle should be quick and easy! Locating the parts that you are lacking on your car or truck shouldn’t take you weeks, days or even hours and you definitely shouldn’t have to explore every wrecking yard in your area when you could be relaxing. At, finding your factory original wheelcovers is as easy as giving us a call at our Toll Free number or going online and ordering what you need based on all the valuable information we provide. We do all the prep work for you! Our site displays pictures, part numbers, informational articles and videos and much more just to make sure that every question you might have is answered. Your experience with us matters and you won’t find another company out there with our track record (over 30 great years) who willingly does more for their customers.

Product Quality

Local salvage yards might be closer and they might even be slightly less expensive but trust us, you won’t like the hub caps that you find! Besides having to locate and clean them yourself, you would also have to go on the hope that the clipping system on the back is in tact. With our hubcap store, that is all guaranteed! You are assured from the start that you will get a center cap that is not only immaculate but also 100% ready to go onto your car or truck the second it arrives!

Shipping Hubcaps to North Carolina

Sure, we offer excellent customer service, quality products and all the information you could need or want but there’s more on top of that! We also provide our customers with FREE shipping! From our hub cap shop in Chino, California, we will deliver your wheel covers to any city in North Carolina in just 4 to 5 business days! It doesn’t matter if you’re in Asheville or Durham, Fayetteville or Concord, one business week at most is all it takes! Give us a chance to assist you and we promise you won’t be sorry!

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Charlotte 4 Days
Raleigh 4 Days
Greensboro 4 Days
Durham 4 Days
Winston-Salem 4 Days
Fayetteville 4 Days
Cary 4 Days
Wilmington 4 Days
High Point 4 Days
Greenville 4 Days
Asheville 4 Days