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We appreciate you stopping by this page made especially for those of you in Oregon! The worst thing you can do when you’re on the hunt for a new hubcap is to try and do it without help from someone with experience. Not only do we have 30 plus years matching up the right products to the people who need them but we also offer a money back guarantee with each order. Believe us, finding what you need for your car or truck is a dirty job that you would be better off letting us handle for you! Even if you were to search through mountains of wheelcovers yourself and get lucky, you still don’t know what kind of condition that item will be in. Trust us with your business and we will take care of all the details for you!

Product Quality takes a lot of pride in delivering the best quality products in our industry. Making sure that you are 100% satisfied is standard procedure! Despite being used, our wheel covers and center caps will be in excellent condition and will cost you a lot less then the dealership. If you are a little uneasy about an online business, then trust our thousands of customers who have had great experiences with us instead! It doesn’t matter if you are getting a single center cap for a newer vehicle or a set of hubcaps for your vintage car, the condition your order will arrive in will make you a believer.

Shipping Hubcaps to Oregon

If you are looking for a hubcap shop or a hubcap store in Oregon look no further! has what you are looking for! In just 3 business days after placing an order with our company, your hub caps will show up at your home or business, road ready! The best part about our shipping is that its not only simple and quick, its also completely FREE for those of you ordering within the Contiguous U.S. Do yourself a favor, don’t explore every salvage yard from Medford to Portland for the perfect hub cap, just put a little trust in and wait for the great results!

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Portland 3 Days
Eugene 3 Days
Salem 3 Days
Gresham 3 Days
Hillsboro 3 Days
Beaverton 3 Days
Bend 3 Days
Medford 3 Days
Springfield 3 Days
Corvallis 3 Days
Albany 3 Days