How to Paint Hubcaps & Center Caps

Anyone can learn "How to paint or repair scratched plastic hub caps", at home. Please note that has a fully equipped modern facility that does NOT restore our hubcaps in this same manner. This video is for the do it yourself-er!

Items Needed: Fine 0000 steel wool, fine 220 grit sand paper, a block of wood, dull aluminum silver or satin black spray paint, a terry cloth towel and masking tape.



Carefully remove your hubcaps with special removal tool. Wash your peeling, scratched plastic hub caps completely using fine steel wool and water. Do not remove all of the existing paint from your wheel cover. Rinse and let dry.


Tape off emblems & Lug nuts. Sand the scratches and peeling areas only. Rub a dry steel wool pad over the entire wheel cap until smooth. Wipe with a dry terry towel.


Touch up with silver spray paint for most hub caps, spraying only the areas that were sanded and are missing some original painted color. Spray clear coat on the entire hub cap after the touch up is dry. Do not use clear coat on satin black center caps.

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Questions covered in this video:

How to remove scratches from your hubcap.
Can you spray paint hub caps or center caps?
How to fix peeling scratched wheel covers & wheel caps.

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