How to Remove Plastic Hub Caps & Center Caps

To correctly answer: “How to remove or take off plastic hubcaps & center caps”, we must break this question into three equally important parts.


Pop-on” With clips
Using a wide tipped removal tool, gently pry up at the solid areas of your wheel cover, in between the openings. WARNING: Do not use a common screw driver, as this will crack the edge of your cap. You can however, use two wide tip screw drivers at the same time to spread out the pressure, lessening the possibility of cracks. For flat type center caps, a screw driver does work best. for the deeper type wheel caps, you will need the removal tool.


“Bolt-on” Using the real lug nuts
You must be very careful to find out if you have “bolt-on” wheel covers. You can look this up in your owners manual or call us at 800-826-5880, and we will be glad to help for free. WARNING: If you try taking off a bolt-on cover with a regular removal tool, your hub cap will break! Once you know for sure you have bolt-on style hub caps, you need to carefully jack up one wheel at a time, removing your lug nuts first, then your hubcap. After replacing your wheel cover up against the wheel, install your lug nuts through the wheel cover onto the studs.


“Screw-on” Wheel covers and wheel caps with plastic fake lugs (Very Common)
“Screw-on” style hub caps use a plastic lug nut to hold the cap on by screwing to the real, unexposed lugs on your wheel. WARNING: Never use an air driven impact wrench like the tire shops use!! This will surely strip the threads on your plastic lugs, and in time, your hub cap will fall off. Always use the “Hand Tool” provided with your car or truck to carefully unscrew each plastic lug nut. Once you completely unscrew all of the plastic lugs from a wheel cover, you can then take the hubcap off by hand. (See video Below)

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