What Size Tires Do You Have?

The purpose of this page and video is to show you...

How to know or determine What Size Tires tires you have on your vehicle!



DO NOT physically measure your Tires! Using a tape measure to determine the size Tire you have WILL give you an incorrect reading.


Tire size is actually easiest determined by looking at your tire, locate a series of numbers and letters similar to “P175/65/R15”


In this example used above, you have 15” Tires. R14 would be 14” , R15 = 15” , R16 = 16” and so on.

To figure out your Tire size for your car or truck, the last thing you should do is measure your tire. Determining or understanding your tire size can only be done properly by locating a series of numbers and letters that always end in “R”, followed by two numbers. These last two numbers or markings are exactly what you need to know for the correct measurements of your tires. This advice should give you a clear understanding of how to calculate tire size.

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