Free Shipping of Hubcaps to Wisconsin

About Us

With all of the maintenance that your car or truck requires, the last thing that should take up your time is finding the right hubcaps for it! Instead of going through stacks of wheelcovers yourself in your local Wisconsin junkyard, it would be much easier to use us as your center cap source from here on out. Not only are we a veteran in this industry with over 30 years of experience but we are also the company most in tune with our customer’s needs and expectations. From our helpful website to our friendly, experienced staff, getting what you need shouldn’t take weeks or even a day, a call to us would only cost you an half hour or so of your time. Besides Wisconsin, we have shipped our products out to the rest of the country and made customers around the world happy to know us. Give us the chance to help you and it’ll be the start of something great!

Product Quality

When you buy a center caps from our hub cap store, you’ll have a hard time telling which one came with it and which one you just bought from us! In addition to being cleaned and refinished, each of our items are inspected to ensure that they still work the way they should. That is more then can be said for wheel covers from a salvage yard around the corner from your house. Even if you do locate the part that you need, there is no guarantee that it will work or even look good. Not only are our products guaranteed but they also much less expensive then the dealership. Please don’t punish yourself with hours in the wrecking yard, let us do the dirty work for you!

Shipping Hubcaps to Wisconsin

The best part about ordering from our hubcap shop is that your order will get to you, whether it be your Milwaukee home or your Brookfield store, in just 4 business days! With, not only are you going to get hub caps that are in excellent condition and at an affordable price, you also get FREE shipping! We promise, if you put a little faith in us, you won’t be disappointed!

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Shipping Chart

City Shipping Time
Milwaukee 4 Days
Madison 4 Days
Green Bay 4 Days
Kenosha 4 Days
Racine 4 Days
Appleton 4 Days
Waukesha 4 Days
Oshkosh 4 Days
Eau Claire 4 Days
West Allis 4 Days
Janesville 4 Days