How to Clean and Restore Headlights

There are many gimmicks when it comes to restoring your yellowing, foggy headlights. Here at, we love to help car & truck owners with all kinds annoying problems. You may have asked yourself the following... Do headlight restoration kits really work? Is there an easy “Do it yourself” “Home Remedy” or a homemade headlight restoration cleaning process? Do I really need a buffing machine to deoxidize the yellow haze on my headlights?

Well has the answers! Follow the easy steps below, and please watch our youtube video on the easiest way to polish those yellowing, clouded headlights by hand!



Using masking tape, tape off surrounding edges around your headlights to protect the finish on your car. Make sure that you are very careful and do not scratch the paint with the steel wool.


Using 0000 super fine steel wool and white toothpaste (Not Gel), rub the toothpaste over the lens for several minutes until your lens is completely smooth. Now rub vigorously with the terry cloth towel and white tooth paste until it is super clear.


After your headlight lens is perfectly clear, apply a coat of car wax following the directions on the container. Wash and wax regularly to keep protected.

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