How To Fix & Repair Your Hubcaps

In this "How To" Youtube video, we help you learn "How to repair your Hubcaps" in 3 easy steps. Anyone can do it! Even though has a modern facility that uses expensive equipment to restore our hub caps, we wanted to show you how to restore yours in a short amount of time, using simple items from you can find at home.

Most wheel covers fall off because of incorrect installation. When someone bangs on your hub cap without the proper care, it bends the clips. This leaves you with bent clips on your hubcap that will cause it to soon fall off. We will show you how to straighten your bent clips using a common hair blow dryer! Lets fix your plastic hub cap ...



Remove your hub cap with a removal tool. If your wheel cover has a retention ring on the back side as most do, detach it from the clips on both sides surrounding the clips that are bent. Do not completely remove the ring from your wheel covers.


DON'T FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES for this step! Using a hair dryer at high heat, heat one of the bent clips and check every few seconds until the plastic is soft. Once it softens, turn off the dryer, straighten the bent clip and hold it in place until it cools. Continue to straighten other clips one at a time.


Once all clips are straight. attach the retention ring back to it's proper place on the wheel cap.
That's it! You are now ready to install your fixed plastic hubcap or wheel cover.

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